Local Election Manifesto 2019

17 April 2019

Read our manifesto for this year's local elections. These are the city-wide issues we will be working on if elected.

Greens accuse Theresa May of "letting the terrorists win"

07 June 2017

"Sacrificing our human rights is exactly what the terrorists want"

Conservative education plans will leave teachers stressed and stretched

02 June 2017

Green Party calls for investing £7 billion across the country by 2022

Coventry Greens pledge support for frontline NHS nursing staff

31 May 2017

"We want a fully funded, truly public NHS; paying our nurses fairly; and restoring nurses bursaries."

Coventry Greens Oppose Child Benefit Cap

17 May 2017

"The benefits cap is a financial incentive for families to live apart, and for older children to leave home before they are ready."

Green Party pledges to scrap SATs and ditch academies

15 May 2017

"We need to put the enjoyment, creativity, and inspiration back into school”

"Time To Change The Game"

12 May 2017

Election broadcast is a spoof ad for a board game -- rewarding cuts to public spending, lies on battle buses and reshuffles to get rid of Cabinet dissent.

Coventry Greens announce their three candidates for 2017 general election

10 May 2017

"For the last seven years, with unemployment and NHS overcrowding, we've had the opposite of strong and stable government."

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