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Make a Safe Pedestrian Crossing on Holbrook Lane and Lythalls Lane Junction

25 February 2020

Concerns have been raised for some time by local Holbrooks residents to the Coventry Green Party about the safety of the junction of Holbrook Lane, where it crosses with Lythalls Lane and Rotherham Road.

junction of Holbrook Lane and Lythalls Lane
There are traffic lights, but with three lanes plus dedicated bus lanes, there is no safe island and inadequate time to cross safely.

Stephen Gray, the local Green Party campaigner, is now asking for the Council to provide safer crossing places for residents.

This is a dangerous and busy crossroads which is completely unsafe for pedestrians especially the elderly or those with buggies and wheelchairs. There are no other safe places to cross nearby.

Because parents and carers taking children to Parkgate School do not have a safe enough means of crossing Holbrook Lane, they are resorting to driving to the school, which has increased traffic on this and other junctions, and causing blocked driveways and side streets, as they wait to pick up or drop off their children.

What can we do?

Stephen Gray has been asking that this junction be prioritised for an installation of a safe crossing as soon as possible.

Natalie Bennett campaigning with Stephen Gray for signatures in Holbrook Lane

The installation of a full 4-way Pelican/Toucan Crossing with islands at this junction, would make it safer for pedestrians, and would encourage parents to walk their children to school rather than taking them by car, reducing traffic, pollution and accidents.

Did you sign Stephen's petition?

Thank you! By doing so you will help us save lives.

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