Warnings about the final plans for Coventry city centre Precinct development

25 February 2020

Coventry Green Party is disappointed with the final masterplan for the city centre of Coventry.

We don't need it!

The intention of Coventry's new city centre is to create:
• an environmentally unfriendly place,
• where the masses must shop,
• and spend more than they can afford (and getting into more debt),
• on items they don't need, 
• and which have been shipped around the world,
• manufactured by those who have not been paid a living wage.

The Green Party believes, both here in Coventry and nationwide, that we need a society-wide emphasis on sustainability.

We can't keep consuming as we have, with shopping fuelled by credit card debt.

  1. The "10 Guiding Principles" of the project do not prioritise sustainability. Indeed, they do not even mention carbon emissions, public transport, or how energy will be generated for new city centre buildings. These factors have to be integral to any future development in Coventry.

  2. It's unclear how representative the consultation was of Coventry's population. 42% of Coventry was under the age of 30 in the 2001 census. Less than 18% of those involved in the consultation were under 30. This seems very lopsided in a city with two universities (Coventry University; the University of Warwick).

  3. From areas/buildings to be knocked down/demolished, we need an explicit commitment to use the materials to help build community centres and repair schools throughout Coventry, not all focused in the centre.

Scott Redding, local Coordinator for the Coventry Green Party, said:

"Local high streets throughout Coventry should be strengthened, rather than drawing retail activity away into a city centre that will take 15 years to build.

"Instead of a Disneyland of a city centre, Coventry must attract the same degree of private investment and have it focused on putting our economy, city-wide, on a sustainable footing (retrofitting houses, renewable energy projects ward by ward, public transport)."


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