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Becky Finlayson is our Green Party candidate for Coventry South in General Election 2019

11 November 2019

Becky Finlayson was selected by local Green Party members to stand as our parliamentary candidate for the Coventry South constituency in this General Election on 12 December 2019.

Becky was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, and is 30 years old. She studied Classical Civilisation at Warwick University and has lived in Coventry since her graduation. Although recently she and her family moved out to Kenilworth, she continues to work in Coventry as a History Teacher in a local school.

Becky first stood for the Green Party in the Conservative ward of Wainbody in the City Council elections in May 2019 and managed to come third with 11% of the vote. She is also the Campaign Manager for Coventry Green Party.

Becky says:

"Politics has become an increasingly important area of passion and interest for me over the last few years, particularly since the 2015 General Election and the 2016 EU referendum. I want to be involved in politics more than just via online activism.

"The reality of the brutal policies of this Conservative government (including the coalition of 2010-2015) have become clear, particularly in already-deprived areas of Coventry. I want to advocate on behalf of others, and be involved in a different kind of politics – one that can use the wealth of this nation to support the poorest and most marginalised. The austerity mind-set of the Conservative government has led to unnecessary cuts which have affected most of all those who already lived in poverty and destitution.

"Cuts to public services have led to increasing despair – most particularly, in education and the NHS. I have seen first-hand the effects cuts have had to schools. I believe Coventry needs a Green politician to work across the House of Commons and promote a bold and radical vision for the UK which promises hope and prosperity for all.

"If elected to be your Green Party MP, I will stand up for funding for education, particularly for SEND education, as Coventry schools have been hit particularly hard by the so-called 'Fairer Funding Formula'.

"I will also work to make Coventry South the greenest constituency in the country, through measures such as a tree-planting programme, encouraging and investing in renewable energy sources for the city, and preventing building on Green Belt land."

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Becky Finlayson

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