Coventry Green Party's manifesto for the 2019 Local Elections

17 April 2019

This local election manifesto is a list of the city-wide issues that Green councillors in Coventry will focus on if elected this year. Green councillors will also focus on local issues that are relevant to their ward.


  • Ensure that council street cleaning adequately covers the whole of the city.
  • Take better action to reduce air pollution. Ensure that the air pollution action plan focuses on making it eaiser to walk, cycle, or take the bus so that you can leave your car at home. Tackling air pollution by simply closing roads will just move that pollution to different roads.
  • Ensure Coventry's parks are adequately maintained, for the benefit of both people and wildlife.
  • Improve Coventry's recycling facilities for difficult to recycle items.
  • Improve the facility for residents to have large items of rubbish collected by the council, with the aim of reducing fly-tipping.


  • Protect Greenbelt land by revising the local plan, and building on brownfield first. The numbers the current plan is based on are very flawed, and need to be revised.
  • Ensure that any new housing developments include adequate infrastructure and amenities for the new residents. This includes shops, schools, doctors surgeries, community centres, parks, and gardens.


  • Reinstate funding for youth groups in Coventry. This will ultimately reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Reinstate proper funding for Coventry's libraries.

City & Culture


  • Investigate approaches to re-invigorating Coventry's City Centre, with an aim of increasing the variety of shops and amenities available to local people.
  • Support the arts, museums, and heritage groups in Coventry, to ensure that we are truly deserving of the title of City of Culture 2021.

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