"Time To Change The Game"

12 May 2017

The Green Party is using its party election broadcast, which will be broadcast for the first time today (12 May), to take a satirical swipe at the broken nature of British politics.

The film uses humour to highlight the fact that politicians don't tell the truth, votes don't count and young people aren't listened to.

"The Race to Number 10" is a spoof advertisement for an imagined board game, rewarding cuts to public spending, lies on battle buses and reshuffles to get rid of Cabinet dissenters.

The film was the work of the independent creative company Creature of London, whose award-winning film for the Greens for last year's local elections, 'The not so secret life of five-year-old politicians', was the most shared broadcast of all the political parties, receiving millions of views online.

Watch it here:

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