Green Party Co-leader accuses Theresa May of letting the Terrorists Win

7 June 2017

The Green Party has condemned Theresa May's comments on human rights laws, and accused her of playing into terrorists' hands by threatening civil liberties.

Jonathan Bartley, our party's co-leader, will speak at the Green Party's final rally ahead of the election, and will call May's threat to human rights a disgrace. He said:

"Sacrificing our human rights in the name of fighting terrorism is exactly what terrorists want. May is exploiting people's fear to do away with hard-won protections that don't suit her regressive agenda.

"There is no shortage of laws designed to clamp down on terrorism and responsibility for the failure to use these lies with the Government. There's no point building more and more walls if we end up boxing ourselves in.

"If May throws away our freedoms, she is letting the terrorists win."

"Proposing to tear up human rights laws is a knee jerk reaction and could be dangerously counterproductive.

"We can tackle terrorism without impinging on human rights but we need an honest conversation about the causes of terrorism and to ask some hard questions about the impact of UK foreign policy and police cuts."

"I'm calling on people across the UK to vote with their hearts for the kind of country they want. The Green Party stands for a confident and caring country, and we'll always stand up for human rights and fight for an inclusive, tolerant society with a positive vision for the future."


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