Coventry Greens Oppose Child Benefit Cap

17 May 2017

Last night, at the hustings organised by Coventry Women's Voices, Aimee Challenor, Green candidate for Coventry South, was asked about her stance on the cap on child benefits at two children per family.

She replied that the Green Party was in favour of repealing the two child cap, to a round of applause.

This morning, Aimee Challenor said:

"Benefits don't encourage women to have more children. Family size in Britain is at an all time low (1.93 children per family, vs 2.42 35 years ago)."

"The benefits cap hits families with three and four children very hard. It's a financial incentive for families to live apart, and for older children to leave home before they are ready."


Aimee will also be a hustings on 23rd May (Frederick Bird School, Swan Lane, CV2 4QQ), and the BBC hustings, 31st May at the Old Grammar School.

Aimee is the party's national spokesperson on LGBTIQA+ issues and the youngest Green Party candidate in the West Midlands region.

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