Conservative education plans will leave teachers stressed and stretched

2 June 2017

Stephen Gray, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Coventry North West, said:

"Conservative plans for our schools in Coventry will leave teachers stressed and stretched. PTAs are already fundraising to pay for essential equipment like pens and glue sticks."

"The Green Party would invest £7 billion into our schools by 2022, ensuring teachers have the resources they need. Every child deserves the best possible education. We fully support parents and teachers who are fighting for fair funding for schools."

"Green MPs elected on the 8th of June will use their voice in Parliament to hold ministers to account and push for a world-class education for every child."

In their manifesto launched last week, the party also promised to roll back privatisation of the NHS, phase in a four day working week, and give people a referendum on the terms of a Brexit deal.

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