Greens beat Lib Dems in Coventry North West

8 May 2015

The Green Party, running in Coventry North West, finished in 4th place with 1691 votes, ahead of Lib Dems, up 1194 votes on 2010.

Green Party candidate Laura Vesty, said: "In the 2014 European elections, the Green Party finished ahead of the Liberal Democrats in 16 local council areas of the West Midlands."

"We've done the same this year, here in Coventry North West, pushing them into 5th place."

"For us to achieve nearly 2 000 votes in Coventry North West is a terrific result."

"Voters have responded to our campaign on the Living Wage, preserving public services, opposing fracking, bringing the trains back into public hands and an end to austerity."

"I am delighted to have been a candidate for the Green Party at this election. We ran a wholly positive campaign, focussing not the politics of fear, but on the politics of hope."

At this general election, for the first time ever, voters in all 59 constituencies in the West Midlands region have had the opportunity to back a Green Party candidate at the polls.

Vesty concluded: "These are exciting times for the Green Party. Our membership has quadrupled in recent months. It is just a shame that under this unfair electoral system, the percentage of votes we get will not transfer to representation in parliament."

"We will continue to work towards our goal of building a society and political system that works for the common good."


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