Coventry Young Greens

Young Greens is the youth arm of the national
Green Party of England and Wales

Coventry Young Greens are members of Coventry Green Party who are under 30. If that is you, welcome to your page!

Did you know that the Green Party want to give the vote to 16 & 17 year olds?

There has been a University of Warwick Young Greens chapter. We'd like to also support a Young Greens chapter at Coventry University, and one for our youth of Coventry city-wide.

Young Greens get together to campaign, raise awareness of issues relating to politics, the economy, the environment, etc. in order to get governments, local authorities and the older generations to listen to our voices. We like to share ideas and passions with other Young Green movements in other countries.

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Most importantly, we like to have fun together!

Here is a link to the National Young Greens website:

So if you're under 30, interested in getting involved in Green issues, helping out with Coventry's election campaigns (local and general), wanting to meet more similiarly minded people, or wanting to have fun and be engaged, then please visit the Young Greens website, or contact us for more information!

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