Local Campaigns

Fighting the Cuts

 Coventry Green Party is heavily involved in the campaign against the cuts to public services and public sector jobs that are being pushed through by the Conservative government, and the Labour council. These cuts are damaging our economy, and the public finance, and not solving the problem.

For more information on what's happening locally, see  the Coventry Against the Cuts blog

 Protecting our greenbelt and green spaces

 Coventry Green Party was part of the campaign to stop building on Coventry's greenbelt. Several of our council candidates were on the organising committee of the campaign, and we will continue to fight against unnecessary destruction of green spaces.

 Defeating the incinerator

Along with Friends of the Earth, we created CRACIN, the campaign against the plans to waste millions of pounds of taxpayers money on a replacement incinerator that would have been too big for the task, and whose air pollution would have caused health problems for thousands of people in Coventry.